The Innovative 3D in Vitro ModelMimicking in Vivo Complexity

Explore the VITVO® experience adding flexibility and versatility to your drug development and pre-clinical assays

Three dimensional (3D) platforms have potential to provide more physiologic environments for cell culture in drug discovery and toxicology than classical 2D culture systems

3D culture allows a greater predictivity of efficacy and toxicity before putative drugs move into pre-clinical animal testing and towards clinics, lowering the attrition rate of drug development

3D cultures retain the advantage to mimic an in vivo-like context enabling drug safety and efficacy testing in a human avatar environment

3D culture leads to a different modulation of gene expression, ultimately influencing the antigenic profile of the cells and closely mimicking in vivo environment

Vitvo®Transferring Vivo to Vitro and Return

VITVO® represents a novel generation of 3D bioreactors that recreates in vitro an in vivo-like environment to grow normal and pathological cells in a 3D manner within a biologically relevant environment

What’s Nice About VITVO®

VITVO® is simple. Usability allows a fast, safe and rapid loading of different cell types in less than 2 ml of culture media

VITVO® is cell friendly. Cells rapidly colonize and repopulate the inner part of VITVO® creating a 3D tissue-like structure

VITVO® is sized to reproduce tissues. Technical features of VITVO® allow hosting a higher number of cells reducing the over-efficacy bias of the miniaturized 2D cultures

VITVO® is fast. Readouts applicable to VITVO® have high reproducibility and can be introduced into the experimental approaches starting from few hours after the cell loading to rapidly generate results

VITVO® is adapting to your reagents. Thanks to a patented technology, the 3D tissue like structure can be easily monitored, quantified by different simple laboratory technologies based on fluorescence (i.e GFP/dsRED/Calcein AM) and/or luminescence (i.e. luciferase/real time GLOTM) providing versatility to different R&D strategies

VITVO® is adapting to your lab equipment. Readout detection takes place in
many commercially available laboratory equipments (i.e Victor light, GloMAX Discover)

VITVO® is a histological grade device. The 3D tissue-like structure of VITVO® can be
embedded for multi-purpose histological analyses

VITVO® is portable. The self-contained technology of VITVO® ensures the transportability which allows shipping from the clinic to the laboratory for testing

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