Medolla – 19 February 2019

Scientific Reports just publishes the anti-pancreatic cancer gene therapy approach based on modified adipose-derived cells capable to release a novel TRAIL variant with a potent anti-tumor approach. The study, performed in collaboration with the Division of Oncology, Plastic Surgery and Pathology of the University Hospital of Modena and Reggio Emilia and with the laboratory of the Mirandola Technopole, shows for the first time that a novel engineered TRAIL released by human adipose cells can target a variety of human pancreatic cancer cells demonstrating pre-clinical safety and efficacy.

The Scientific Report publication parallels an additional piece of scientific information just published on Theranostics regarding the possibility to combine chemotherapy agents and gene delivery for synergies to counteract possible mechanisms of resistance also impacting on tumor stromal cells as key players pancreatic cancer development. This work paves the way towards the clinical translation of the technology in humans within a Phase I/II trial expected for the coming year. “We are extremely excited about these scientific achievements that also arrive after encouraging regulatory feedbacks collected in the last part of 2018”- says Massimo Dominici MD, Rigenerand co-founder and scientific coordinator – “It surely represents a very good start for 2019 indicating the quality of the RR001 platform within our upcoming therapeutic strategy”.

Further Readings

Spano C, Grisendi G, Golinelli G, Rossignoli F, Prapa M, Bestagno M, Candini O, Petrachi T, Recchia A, Miselli F, Rovesti G, Orsi G, Maiorana A, Manni P, Veronesi E, Piccinno MS, Murgia A, Pinelli M, Horwitz EM, Cascinu S, Conte P, Dominici M. Soluble TRAIL Armed Human MSC As Gene Therapy For Pancreatic Cancer. Sci Rep. 2019;9:1788. Available if you like to read it

Rossignoli F, Spano C, Grisendi G, Foppiani EM, Golinelli G, Mastrolia I, Bestagno M, Candini O, Petrachi T, Recchia A, Miselli F, Rovesti G, Orsi G, Veronesi E, Medici G, Petocchi B, Pinelli M, Horwitz EM, Conte P, Dominici M. MSC-Delivered Soluble TRAIL and Paclitaxel as Novel Combinatory Treatment for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma. Theranostics 2019; 9:436. Available if you like to read it

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